Meet Richard

Richard Ciano has a long and active history in conservative politics in Ontario and across Canada. He is running to be President of the PC Party of Ontario because it’s time to win, and winning starts with strong ridings.

As Party President, Richard will work to ensure that we have better local organization, more effective fundraising, proper training programs, and a party structure that respects and recognizes the efforts made by local associations and their members. Strong ridings are the necessary foundation needed to win a majority government and to help Tim Hudak become Ontario’s next Premier.

Richard has the experience, know-how, and commitment to get the job done. He was elected to the Conservative Party of Canada’s National Council at the party’s founding convention in March 2005, serving as National Vice President until November 2008. During this time, Richard founded the Conservative Campaign University, an interactive political training tool that combined live and virtual training for conservative activists across the country. Richard was on National Council during the Conservative Party’s transition from Official Opposition to Government.

Richard has also served as campaign manager for several prominent conservative politicians. These include: the Hon. Peter Van Loan (2004), and MPP Peter Shurman (2007) and again as MPP Shurman’s campaign chair (2011). Richard was the pollster and chief strategist for Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, in 2010 and has been involved in many other campaigns across the country. As demonstrated by his extensive track record, Richard Ciano knows how to win.

In addition to these roles, Richard has been a riding president, a fundraising chair, and a campaign volunteer for local associations in every election over the past 17 years.

Richard is a Principal at Campaign Research, a full-service market research agency he founded in 2003. Through this role, Richard has gained valuable experience in every province and territory, as well as in the United States and Europe.

For the Ontario PC Party, it’s time to win. To do that our Party needs to get back to what has always made the PC Party of Ontario successful: strong local organization, a grassroots policy process with a real link to the party platform, and open and fair candidate nominations in all ridings. With strong ridings we will be there to help Tim Hudak win the next election and form a majority PC government – a PC government where each PC Party member can play a role.